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I am extremely concerned about the energy policies being undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency. New and pending energy rules on clean air and water will tremendously harm our ability to create affordable and reliable energy and will put jobs and economic recovery in peril. I have been reading about a so-called "Train Wreck" scenario that could potentially result in the loss of 30% to 50% of America 's capacity to produce affordable energy. This outcome would affect our ability to manufacture and would dramatically raise the price of energy for those Americans who can least afford it.

I support the wise decision of Congress to reject the cap-and-trade legislation last year. Unfortunately, through the EPA, many if not all of the negative consequences of cap-and-trade are being achieved by unaccountable government regulators. I am urging you to stop this assault on our economy, our jobs, and our access to affordable energy.

Ultimately, the Environmental Protection Agency must answer to you. Please take a strong stand against this damaging overreach of federal power and join forces with those who are protecting our economy and way of life.

Thank you for considering my request. These are serious times for our country and we must have serious and balanced approaches to providing energy and protecting our environment.

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