The EPA is attempting to impose Cap-and-Trade policies through government regulation. This plan will limit the reliability of our electric supply and fundamentally alter the American Way of Life forever.

  • American energy is built on coal.
    1. 80% of electricity in the heartland is
      derived from coal-generated power.
      EPA regulations will force the shutdown
      of between 30 and 90 GW of US Coal by
      the year 2015.
      Alternative energy sources are
      expensive and unreliable.
  • Lack of electricity supply creates
    electricity shortages
    1. Rolling "brownouts."
      Power rationing.
  • America's economy has prospered with
    the growth of energy production.
    1. New technologies require more energy than ever before.
      Reducing electricity supply will slow down technology innovation.
      Our American Way of Life will be altered forever with the passage of proposed EPA regulations.