The EPA is attempting to impose Cap-and-Trade policies through government regulation. This plan will mean higher prices for consumers and a continued loss of U.S. industry.
  • Regulation Means Higher Electricity Prices.
    1. Higher Prices for Consumers.
      Higher Prices for Industry.
  • Higher Electricity Prices Mean Higher
    Prices on ALL Goods and Services.
    1. Domestically Manufactured Products.
      Health Care (Hospitals are major.
      users of electricity).
  • Higher Prices on Goods and Services
    Drives Industry OUT of America.
    1. Growing off-shore manufacturing.
      More "shuttered" US Businesses.
      EPA Policies Hurt American Business and Help Grow Economies in Asia and South America.
  • Regulation Compliance is Unattainable for many.
    1. The burden of compliance will put many industries, including energy producers out of business.
      Businesses that struggle to comply will have no other choice than to pass those costs on to consumers.