What Coal Did Today

Electricity Created U.S. Cities
Climate control, Lighting, Air Conditioning
Elevators, Assembly Lines, Mass Production

Electricity Revolutionized Transportation
Vehicles, Airlines, Mass Transit, Telecommuting

Electricity Improved Quality of Health
Medicine, Hospitals
Refrigeration & Sanitation Technologies, Modern Food Industries

Electricity Created The Global Village
Telephone, Radio, Television, Fax
Computers, Internet, Satellites, Email, Social Networks

"Electricity ushered in a transformation of American society at the end of the 19th century. Suddenly, the backbreaking work that consumed dawn to dusk for most Americans was alleviated by electric motors, dynamos and generators. Electric household appliances made it possible to heat homes, cook food, store meat and perishable items and wash clothes without the drudgery and fear of disease that had haunted previous generations."

-Dept. of Public Utilities, Columbus, Ohio